Sunday, April 18, 2010

We Still Need You to Help Us Help Haiti!

With your help, CHES has been able to donate money to Hopital Bon Samaritain who have been treating earthquake victims. Without you, the drive would not have been successful but there is still so much to do! CHES is wrapping up its short-term relief efforts and now we'd really like to concentrate on longer term efforts in the following areas: education and focusing back on our mission which to help Haitians start-up their own sustainable business.

CHES is looking to raise just $5,000 that can really go a long way in this effort. Sadly at the Universite Chretien du Nord D'Haiti (UCNH), over 100 of their students lost their families, homes and their financial means to pay for their higher education at UCNH due to the earthquake. If we are to have a part in rebuilding Haiti's economy, then we must support the education of the people. They will be the most critical part of the country's recovery and will lead to the self-sustaining Haiti we want to see.

CHES is looking to pick up where it left off on our mission oriented work before January 12. We were working on helping a group of entrepreneurs in the rural town of Semine/Limbe, Haiti draft a business plan for a poultry farm and help raise the money to start up their business! We wish to resume this work which will become more critical then ever in Haiti.

Frantz Verella, Haiti's former Minister of Public Works stated that it is critical to rebuild the rural towns and create jobs in these places before rebuilding the capital. He also spoke about the importance of having strong major universities in the rural areas of Haiti as the population of countryside of Haiti is rising exponentially. CHES is happy to have been already aligned with this view and taking action. However, we cannot do it alone.


If you are unable to support us financially, you can support us by joining our team. We are looking to fill the following positions:
• Treasurer
• Secretary
• Fund Developer
• Writer

Any time and effort you commit will make CHES that much more effective in its impact and reach in Haiti. Please contact us if you are interested in committing a small portion of your time.

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